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Your Opinions

Winner of pies – Barry Hourston – Pigs in blankets aren’t just for Christmas.

Fraser – We are being conned by shifting to electric cars just when the price of electricity is doubling and the cost of fuel is to put people off buying petrol and diesel cars.

Jack Mair – People who say android/Samsung phones are better and they don’t want an iPhone are just attention seekers

Colin MacDuff – Gender reveals are fucking awful. My brother had one last year, decided best place to do it would be Overtoun Park in Rutherglen. Was grim, dugs shitting in the background and we’re all clapping for a balloon popping. Last one I’ll ever go to.

Wilf Marshall – Cheese is a gift from heaven. So much variety. Versatile . Classy even.

Roland Deschain – Curry sauce on a haggis supper is the way forward. (Pic included)

BlAirMax97 – Pepsi max is the superior cola and I don’t know why more people don’t share this opinion. Miles ahead of hoaxa cola

Dugz Van Bronckhorst – I don’t care how much money you have but spending nearly £600 on these over priced boots and wearing them to the football is just wrong

NoisyNeba – Lionel Messi is a chemically engineered athlete. Using injected Human Growth Hormone his height increased, muscles and tendons were stronger and his performance was artificially enhanced. He has an unfair advantage over non chemically engineered athletes.

SkrufyPodcast – Morrissey is underrated. Yes I know that you know what I’m doing.

SkrufyPodcast- Honest one now 😂. Even with modern technology and getting facts within seconds the MSM can still influence a lot of things.

Sandy –  Kebab is not a pie filling. (Not our Sandy)

Stu Maclean – Wordle is pish and just clogs up Twitter!! I actually don’t know what it is and cannae be arsed checking it out, as I’ll up doing/playing whatever it is all the time

Gaz – Steps version of Chain Reaction is better than Diana Ross’s

Scott – Men who wear an overcoat that is shorter than the suit jacket they are wearing underneath should 1 – be on a register and 2 – not be allowed out the house until a sensible person has passed them as suitably dressed to be out in public.Smiley Face

@Mr_SmileyFace6 – This modern trend of wearing shoes no socks and flashing a bit of ankle skin, like some kind of male cleavage is just a strange flex, don’t know decided it was a thing, but its just wrong

WereBear – Supporting an individual football player instead of a football team is weird. Go watch tennis.

callum gordon – Type 1 is the only diabetes, type 2 is fake #type1loyal

Ruaridh McIntyre – a meeting with cheese and wine is not a party.

Anonymous opinions

Most people are, at heart, stupid, selfish, and irrational creatures who are just one charismatic leader away from fascism. We love to believe that the Nazis were ‘inhuman abberations’, but there are hundreds of people in every city in the world who, if given absolute power, would systematically persecute and abuse whole swathes of the population in a similar way.

Kids are not as amazing as people make them out to be.

Geek culture is one of the shallowest ever.

Popping out a baby does not make you the Keeper of Infinite Wisdom. Some people should not be allowed to pass genetic material on…such as people who have 10 children on welfare. Only people with a minimum of High School education should be allowed to vote. There is no democracy without education. Nutrition should be taught from Kindergarten on. People with obese children should be prosecuted for child abuse. Jail for 99% of the inmates should be rehabilitation and work, preferably community work. The 1% that shouldn’t be allowed out would be the serial rapists and serial murderers. Religions should NOT be tax-free, but should be taxed in accordance with the entertainment industry taxes. All taxes gathered from religions should go to education.

The uninformed, uneducated, ignorant masses should not have an equal vote. Basically democracy isn’t the best form of government.

All from one person:

  • -Circumcision isn’t a horrible, barbaric procedure to do to a baby boy. Only on reddit have I ever encountered such vitriol for anyone with this opinion.
  • -Video games are worse than drugs when it comes to distracting and demotivating people from doing something with their life.
  • -Digitally created art will never be as artistically worthwhile as something created by hand with actual materials.
  • -Pirates are lame. Ninjas, not as much, but still stale.
  • -All priests are not paedophiles

People need to read more books – Seriously, I’m so sick of this anti-intellectual movement that cropped up in the last few years, where people don’t actually read anything, they just go to Wikipedia and find some that proves them right and that’s that. There’s no personal growth, just reinforcement of your own ideas. Pick up a book, read it, and then form an opinion

Luxury items are pointless trash – Your gucci belt is dumb, your Porsche is objectively worse than a Toyota Corolla, your designed cloths are lower quality than the generic brand, your expensive shoes are literally pointless. All of this exists to display wealth, and isn’t actually useful or even prestigious.

Rap artists should not be allowed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. – Here are some of the Rap artists that have been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame: Jay-Z, LL Cool J, The Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, N.W.A., Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and  Run-DMC. Now I think you could make a case for Beastie Boys. They at least played their own instruments. But N.W.A? I mean when I think of Rock and Roll I’m never gonna put some 2Pac on. I’ve seen Run DMC live, a fun show. It’s not rock and roll. I’ve owned albums from several of these rappers. I’m not against anyone gaining recognition for their work. But get the category right for that particular Hall of Fame. Would you put Metallica into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame? Should Wayne Gretzky be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Just make a Rap Hall of Fame instead.

If you’re riding a bike for anything other than a commute you should never be on the road – Find a bike path, get on the damn sidewalk, ride around your neighbourhood I don’t care just stay off the road.

Ikea furniture is extremely easy to put together and everyone who says it’s incredibly confusing must be kinda dumb

Tesla vehicles are poorly engineered vehicles wrapped in fancy trim.

Paying money or waiting in line to meet celebrities is fucking weird. – They’re not your friend. They don’t care about you. They simply want your money. Seeing people wait for hours or fork out hundreds, up to thousands, of dollars to meet their favourite artist for 10 seconds makes me cringe.

I fear that if scientists continue exploring the universe and its laws, we will discover bone-chilling horrors better left unknown.

People who claim “Androids are for poor people” are financially illiterate. – Famously, new iPhones are usually much more expensive than new (flagship) android phones while having much less user control, customisation, lower quality displays (such as commonly having a much lower pixel density than android), and commonly worse camera quality on certain measures. Not to mention the health-scare with many iPhones having the potential to stop pacemakers if placed too close to the chest due to magsafe.

It should be illegal for companies to advertise that a phone has a certain amount of space only for half of it to be occupied by the OS

You shouldn’t be fired for your behaviour outside of work

If you are going to lock up a person for 40 years, you might as well kill them

Picky eaters are fine and don’t deserve the hate – Picky eaters are fine, they just want to eat what they like. Just like any other person would want to eat what they like to eat. The only reason some should be angry is if the picky eater tries to make everyone compensate for them. Which, isn’t the problem of them being a picky eater, it’s a problem of their personality. Picky eaters just want to eat stuff they like, give us a break.

I love wearing clothes that come out the dryer slightly wet and warm.

Children’s shows nowadays are absolutely horrendous compared to waht I watched as a kid

I always eat dessert before dinner at a restaurant

Even if schools taught you how to do taxes or other life skills, not many of you would pay attention

I’d much rather let a 13 year old play Doom or Resident Evil then them to have social media apps and actively engaging with strangers

Multiplayer is killing video games and sucking the joy out of them. Single player and local co-op are far the superior versions.

We don’t need free college, we need to acknowledge the fact that the majority of jobs asking for a degree right now don’t actually require one to do the job effectively.

AM and PM is dumb. Everyone should use 24 hr / military time

Most guys who are in the “friend zone” aren’t even in the “friend zone,” they’re in the “Oh god, not this fucker again” zone

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