The year is 1999

The year is 1999

January 1 – The euro currency is established and the European Central Bank assumes its full powers

February 27 – While trying to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new endurance record after being aloft for 233 hours and 55 minutes.

April 8 – Bill Gates’s personal fortune makes him the wealthiest individual in the world due to the increased value of Microsoft stock.

April 20 – Columbine High School massacre: Two Littleton, Colorado, teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, open fire on their teachers and classmates, killing 12 students and 1 teacher, and then themselves.

April 26 – British TV presenter Jill Dando, 37, is shot dead on the doorstep of her home in Fulham, London.

May 20 – American daredevil Robbie Knievel jumps 228 feet (69 m) over the Grand Canyon on a 500cc motorcycle.

June 1 – Napster, a music downloading service, debuts, which would later inspire other file-sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay, LimeWire, Gnutella, Kazaa, Morpheus, BearShare, and uTorrent 1999-2010 period which some called the “Second Golden Age of Piracy”

July 1 – The Scottish Parliament is officially opened by Elizabeth II on the day that devolved powers are officially transferred from the Scottish Office in London to the new devolved Scottish Executive in Edinburgh.

September 9 – The Sega Company introduces in American market the new game console with the name Dreamcast.

December 3 – After rowing for 81 days and 5,486 kilometers (2,962 nautical miles), Tori Murden became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat alone, when she reached Guadeloupe from the Canary Islands.

Born in 1999

Kiernan Shipka, American actress, Sally Draper & Sabrina. 

April 9Lil Nas X, American rapper, singer, and songwriter

June 18Trippie Redd, American rapper

July 20Pop Smoke, American rapper (d. 2020)

September 3Rich Brian, Indonesian rapper

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, American rapper

Died in 1999

Dusty Springfield 

JFK Junior – Plane Crash. 

Big L, American rapper (b. 1974)

Stanley Kubrick, American film director and producer (b. 1928)


1Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceFox$924,317,558[nb 1]
2The Sixth SenseDisney$672,806,292
3Toy Story 2$487,059,677

Film Debuts


1…Baby One More TimeBritney Spears11,445,300
2Blue (Da Ba Dee)Eiffel 651956,100
3The Millennium PrayerCliff Richard1860,900


1Come On OverShania Twain12,201,837
2By RequestBoyzone11,516,547
3The Man WhoTravis11,410,158


28 May – After 22 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci‘s The Last Supper is placed back on display in Milan, Italy.

Listener Mail

Brian Archer – Breaking my leg on my first family holiday

@dougiethebear – I shared an apartment on holiday in Lanzarote (1990) with my now wife, at the time I was 15 and she was 21 and with her boyfriend. She’s my best mates cousin just to avoid any doubt Smiling face with smiling eyesZany face

Ruaridh McIntyre – Catching my mate trying to rob the safe to pay for a hooker after he said he was going back to the apartment early as he wasn’t feeling well. Then all 6 of us being chucked out because of the ensuing ramie. Tenerife 1995.

Colin McDuff – My pal winched bass hunter

WereBear – Great year for movies and of course as we hurtled towards the millenium the Y2K bug nonsense no doubt made somebody somewhere a lot of money.

Andy McGrillen – I sat up all night new years eve 1999 into 2000 terrified of midnight because of 1) Y2K and 2) those little gooey alien eggs would come to life. Only one was luckily true.

Dean Smith – My pal Moth could also do this. He would lay on his back and get his knees up near his lugs and somehow sook air into his arsehole, stand up and release it as a fart. Exactly like that Mr Methane guy.

Gavin Kelly – Had a mate called Mungo who did exactly the same, ironically, joined the band in the army playing trombone.

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