The year is 1996

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The year is 1996

  • January 21 – France undertakes its last nuclear weapons test.
    • France are gimps
  • Disney formally finalizes its $19 billion acquisition of the ABC parent, Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
  • March 13 – Dunblane massacre: Unemployed former shopkeeper Thomas Hamilton walks into the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland and opens fire, killing sixteen infant school pupils and one teacher before committing suicide.
    • A gunman kills sixteen children, a teacher and himself in the Dunblane massacre in Scotland. The killer is quickly identified as 43-year-old former scout leader Thomas Hamilton. It is the worst killing spree in the United Kingdom since the Hungerford massacre in 1987 (find more true crime stories here)
    • 16 October – The government announces plans to make possession of handguns illegal in the UK, following the Dunblane massacre
  • 20 March – United Kingdom BSE outbreak: Secretary of State for Health Stephen Dorrell announces a link between the potentially-fatal variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and the eating of beef infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy
  • June 8–30 – England hosts the UEFA Euro 1996 football tournament, which is won by Germany.
  • June 15 – In Manchester, UK, a massive IRA bomb injures over 200 people and devastates a large part of the city centre.
    • Rotten scum
  • June 23 – The Nintendo 64 was released, along with its launch and most popular title Super Mario 64.
    • The controller pissed me off
  • 5 July – Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell, is born at the Roslin Institute.
    • Humans should defo play God
  • July 19 – The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States, begin.
    • Fucking Samoa won the egg and spoon race
  • 2nd half of the year os dull AF

His name is Jeff

The Life and TImes of Jeffs

  • Podcast Father
    • Here’s a personal 1996 Jeff story for you. I was a little fella playing basketball. That year our team won 0 games… One game vs the nearby city we only scored 1 point. I made 1 of my 2 free throws. We lost 58-1. Still have nightmares about this.. my dad screaming DAMN IT JEFF!
  • Jeff Goldblum
    • Goldblum told UK television host Graham Norton that he once tried to procure the company of a prostitute at the age of 13. In order to afford the appointment, he stole five dollars from his father’s wallet.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
    • 17 confirmed victims
  • Jeff Daniels
    • His father was once the mayor of Chelsea.
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff
    •  He Did All of the Scratches & Mixes for the Movie “Straight Outta’ Compton”


  • Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow opens.

Top films…

Independence DayFox$817,400,891
TwisterWarner Bros. / Universal$494,471,524
Mission: ImpossibleParamount$457,696,359
  • March 25 – The 68th Academy Awards, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, are held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles with Braveheart winning Best Picture.

Top Singles

Killing Me SoftlyFugees
WannabeSpice Girls
SpacemanBabylon Zoo

Top Albums

Jagged Little PillAlanis Morissette
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?Oasis
SpiceSpice Girls
  • 13 February – Take That, the most successful British band of the 1990s, announce that they are splitting up.
  • 8 July – The Spice Girls’ debut single Wannabe is released.
  • August 11 – Oasis headlines the biggest free-standing concert in UK history in two nights (Aug 10th & 11th) at Knebworth, Hertfordshire.


  • February 27 – Ten, Thai singer
  • March 6 – Yan Han, Chinese figure skater
  • April 18 – Ski Mask the Slump God, American rapper


  • February 2 – Gene Kelly, American actor and dancer

Listener Mail

  • Matty Ice / @MattyIceMedia
    • I specifically remember watching Michael Johnson break records and win gold in the Atlanta Olympics with my dad, and I remember the Yankees’ Derek Jeter having a coming out party when they win their first of 4 World Series in a 5 year span.
    • Keep your shite rounders stories to yourself
  • Bradley Johnson
    • Those Liverpool fa cup suits
    • 11 May – Manchester United win the FA Cup for a record ninth time by beating Liverpool 1–0 and become the first team to win the double of the league title and FA Cup twice.
  • Jayson Miller / @Miller_thatsme
    • 1996, oh boy! Summer of 96 I was in Atlanta for the summer between soph and junior years of college. Experienced two weeks of the Olympics, the bombing, saw a friend from high school right before going back to school, and married her a year later! An incredible year!
    • Shagger
  • The Records and Bands Podcast / @records_bands
    • Gascoigne’s goal (sorry) Spice Girls, Dunblane, Independence Day, That’s a mixed bag I know!!
    • Never apologise for Gazza or The Spice Girls
  • Keelin / @IAmKeelinIt
    • Best part of ’96 if I recall was being born
    • Good recollection…
  • She Will Rock You Podcast / @shewillrockupod
    • I was only 3
  • Thomas Carter Rochester / @TCRochesterACT
    • Listen.  1996 the start of power rangers zeo. Absolute game changer. The adventures of Batman and Robin. Big bad beetleborgs!!! I went to see muppets treasure island with my mom and dunston checks in told me I shouldn’t have a pet monkey
    • You listen, we have no idea what half of that means
  • ASimpleBear / @Baloo_72
    • The year I got married, Florida on honeymoon Colin. Also the year the film Independence Day came out #irony
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