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Justice League

After filming Justice League, Warner Brothers realized that a couple of scenes needed to be added. However, Henry Cavill had already begun shooting for a different film, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. This scheduling problem quickly became a hairy situation… Literally.

Cavill’s role in his other movie required him to grow a mustache. Paramount didn’t want him to shave to reshoot his scenes as Superman; however, Warner Brothers begged them to let him shave it. Coordinating the reshoots costed them around $25 million, and on top of that- the studio had to pay a visual effects crew to remove Superman’s mustache in those scenes.

Yahoo and Alibaba

Yahoo! owned 30 percent of Alibaba, a profitable Chinese multinational e-commerce, technology, and retail behemoth, in 2005. Seven years later, they sold half their stake to Alibaba at $13 a share. It seemed like a great deal, at the time. Yahoo! made $7.6 billion. In 2014, Alibaba went public and broke records when their stocks rose to $68 a share. Today, shares in Alibaba are worth $150 and Yahoo! sold its internet business to Verizon in 2017, for $4.8 billion.

The Hateful Eight vs Martin Guitar Museum

The production crew for the film The Hateful Eight, borrowed a one-of-a-kind guitar from the Martin Guitar Museum. The guitar was intended to be used for one scene, where Kurt Russell grabs the guitar from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, then smashes it. Before smashing the guitar, the film crew was supposed to cut right before and switch the guitar with a cheap replica.

Prescribed fires

Prescribed fires are actually needed for the preservation of the wilderness. Old trees accumulate an excess of fossils, which makes them more flammable and dangerous. 

In the Cerro Grande in New Mexico, workers lost control of a controlled fire in May 2000. Gusts of winds quickly spread the flames across the wilderness, and the fire raged for a month before it was extinguished. This cost them around $1 billion in property damages.

Lost Bitcoins

Not long after acquiring 7,500 bitcoins when they were worth very little, James Howell spilled coffee on his computer. He was able to salvage it and he sold most of the parts, and got all the information he thought he needed off of the hard drive.

The hard drive sat in his drawer for quite a while, before he threw it away during a move. When he discovered his mistake, (and after seeing the way bitcoin had taken off), he began searching for the lost hard drive in the city dump. To make things worse, the Newport City council barred him from continuing the search, due to concerns about the environmental impact of disturbing possible hazardous waste. In December 2017, Bitcoin skyrocketed when it hit $19,783. This meant that Howell basically threw away $148 million.

King Tutankhamun’s beard

When museum workers realized that King Tut’s beard on the funeral mask was coming off, an inexperienced restorer glued it back on.

Robert Wayne sold his Apple stock for $800

Excite was the second most popular search engine (Yahoo! was number one) in 1999. Google, then called BackRub, was a promising new competitor in the search engine market. Excite wanted to buy the company for $750,000, but passed when Google insisted that its technology replace Excite’s. One of the main reasons cited for Excite passing on Google’s technology, was because they thought it worked way too well. Users would find the information they wanted and move on too quickly, and Excite would lose precious revenue

The Hateful Eight on Wrong Term Memory 02
The Hateful Eight
Justice League on Wrong Term Memory
Justice League
King Tuts beard on Wrong Term Memory
King Tut’s Beard

The Great Emu War

After WWI, the Australian military started “The Great Emu War” where they tried to cull emus with machine guns. Six days after the first engagement, 2,500 rounds of ammunition had been fired and no emu was killed.

Car Crashes

In the entire state of Ohio in 1895, there were only two cars on the road, and the drivers of these two cars crashed into each other.

Showing your arse

The first “Mooning” in recorded history was 66 AD, where a Roman soldier mooned Jewish pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. This caused a riot, an over-response by the Roman military, and the death of thousands

No more vodka

Between the announcement of Germany’s surrender during WW2 on radio to Joseph Stalin addressing the nation 22 hours later, Russia literally ran out of vodka. 

Getting shot in the eye

General J. Sedgwick’s last words during the American Civil War were “they couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance,” before being shot under the left eye that killed him.

NASA are bad at recording things

NASA accidentally taped the moon landing. In fact, there are no known original recordings of the event. Conspiracy theories ensue.

Today, I Fucked Up – The Subreddit

TIFU by imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission and playing with it.

I have an unhealthy habit of imagining my dick as a 6 speed manual transmission, and shifting gears with it.

I do it every time I have a rock hard boner especially when I’m in no mood to jerk off.

Last week, I was at my parents house for dinner. So, after I was done with my dinner, I was horny so I decided to head back to my old room and have a little sausage massage session.

I put on some ebony porn, and started to slowly play with myself. Halfway through, I lost interest, but I had a rock solid boner, so I decided to shift gears with it. So, I put on some manual transmission car racing videos on my TV, and shifted gears with my dick whenever the guys in the video shifted the gears. I was trying to match the timing, and it was fun.

The fun lasted for 10 minutes, until my dad barged into my room to ask me if I would fancy some ice cream. The puzzled look on his face said everything.

TIFU by Complimenting a Girl’s Skirt

Happened a couple weeks ago

I was at a party and saw a girl across the room. She was wearing a skirt, holding a drink in one hand and had the other hand in her pocket. I saw her skirt, thought to myself how cool that skirt has pockets. A lot of women I know complain about not having pockets, so this is a very progressive thing.

A bit later, I got around to talking to her. I complimented her skirt, and how pockets in a skirt are great. She looked very confused, said “my skirt doesn’t have pockets, why would you think that?” I mentioned that I had seen her earlier with her hand in her pocket. Her face went bright red and revealed that her hand was amputated. What I thought was her hand in her pocket, was her stump resting against her hip.

I apologised immediately, but luckily she thought it was funny because she’d never heard that comment before. I’m still dying inside though.

Tifu by showing my family a short video of me fingering my girlfriend.

This happened about 45 minutes ago.

So… anyone that has an Apple device may have noticed they do these “memory videos” for 2020. Anyways, I had just discovered this feature and was watching it with my girlfriend. Slowly, other immediate family members joined around us after having heard the “chill” music played along the montage.

We saw some cute pictures of our pets, museum visits pre-COVID, my GF and I spotting deer, us decorating our new apartment, time spent at my moms house, visits to forest preserves, and other no contact activities we did this summer and fall.

Then it happened. About 3 minutes into the montage it shifted from a picture to a short clip of me sliding 2 fingers into my girlfriend’s vagina. Time froze. Someone said, “Oh my” in the tone of an antebellum age southern lady, and I whipped my phone down. People walked away, but a proverbial fly on the wall would have collided with the amount of tension in the air, which would require more than a knife to cut.

I’m now home laying in bed typing this and thinking about how 30 years from now, this is going to be one of those embarrassing memories that keep me up at night.

Other Fuck Ups on Reddit

  • TIFU by making my Dad punch a stripper in GTA and tearfully ask God for forgiveness in front of my entire family.
  • TIFU by thinking divorce was an April Fools Gag
  • TIFU by making such a disgusting smell from my butt it evacuated a courtroom.
  • TIFU by making a girl I like laugh so hard she ended up in hospital and I almost lost my job.
  • TIFU by hiding my staple addiction and making my family think I was a heroin junkie
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