An arbitrary collection of partial show notes

“Show Notes”

The year is 1990

Highest-grossing films of 1990 Rank Title Studio Worldwide gross 1 Ghost Paramount $505,702,588 2 Home Alone Fox $476,684,675 3 Pretty Woman Disney…

How To Improve Memory

The guys speak about the techniques you can use to improve your memory after the festive period

Active Serial Killers

The guys get a little bit darker this week and speak about a recently caught serial killer and some that are still…

How hot is the sun?

The guys speak about kids TV, Byker Grove, Ant and Dec, cartoon myths, and some more sexy forum stories – #NOOTNOOT The…

What time is it in Japan?

Candy Or Not Candy? Orgasm Wars Human Slip ‘n’ Slide Marshmallow Rubber Band Man Eats Spaghetti In A Washing Dryer Human Tetris…

Short Show Notes

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