Listener’s Questions

What’s your favourite dinosaur?

What are your thoughts on the Madeline McCann conspiracy theory?

The Office or Alan Partridge?

Trends on social media which annoy you the most?

Top 5 serial killers…

If you were a serial killer, what would be your M.O?

What’s the biggest regret you’ve had after a heavy night out?

Turkey? Or Goose?

Who was better… Stone Cold or The Rock? 

Superhero five aside team?

Favourite beer? 

Pink or Brown?

Favourite Will Ferrell movie?

Roses or Quality Street?

What’s your opinion on gabber music? 

Who in your opinion is the most dastardly Chinese man/woman in history?

Would you rather drink a cup of cold sick or have a bath in warm sick?

Fav Xmas number one?