How To Write A Book Part 6

The guys are joined by friend and author, Martyn Ramsey, to discuss 6-key-stages when writing a book.

Each episode has a mini book club to start where the guys discuss a book that seems to have been pretty poorly planned. Martyn then gives his advice and talks about his experiences of the writing process. Then, to wrap things up, the guys discuss some of the advice given online for new writers – good and bad,

Martyn’s book “The 50 Greatest Rangers Games” is available here:

Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James, 2011)

An erotic novel based on a piece of Twilight fan-fiction. Fifty Shades depicts the BDSM relationship between aloof billionaire Christian Grey and naive student Anastasia Steele.

  • As with The Da Vinci Code, many articles collected lists of the “worst lines,” particularly those in which Anastasia discusses her “inner goddess.” As well as being poorly written, many reviewers criticised the relationship between Christian and Anastasia, which was seen as abusive rather than romantic

One-Star review- Mills and Boons meets porn

  • Sorry but its not better than that.
  • Porn is available if you want it, on the internet. I guess some women have not got involved in porn so this seemed like scandalous fun. I found it depressing.
  • Okay it turns out to be about a relationship and perhaps the woman gets to have a bit of power in the end in this relationship – wait and see, there are two more glorious books with the words “mumured” or ” I pushed a lock of hair behind my ear” or “I bit my lip” till you want to scream. But it is very popular.