How To Write A Book Part 2

The guys are joined by friend and author, Martyn Ramsey, to discuss 6-key-stages when writing a book.

Each episode has a mini book club to start where the guys discuss a book that seems to have been pretty poorly planned. Martyn then gives his advice and talks about his experiences of the writing process. Then, to wrap things up, the guys discuss some of the advice given online for new writers – good and bad,

Martyn’s book “The 50 Greatest Rangers Games” is available here:

Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler, 1925)

Mein Kampf has been described by many writers as the “most evil book in history, and its publication has been illegal or restricted in many countries since the defeat of Nazism in 1945.

However, contrary to popular belief, it was never illegal in Germany. Apart from its politics, the book itself has been criticised for its writing style

Hitler’s fellow fascist dictator Benito Mussolini called it “a boring tome that I have never been able to read” and called Hitler’s views “little more than commonplace clichés.”

Sally McGrane of The New Yorker wrote “Hitler’s seven-hundred-page screed […] is so unreadable that, despite its ubiquity during the Third Reich […] it is unlikely that most Germans actually cracked the book open. It is full of bombastic, hard-to-follow clauses, historical minutiae, and tangled ideological threads, and both neo-Nazis and serious historians tend to avoid it.”