Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a museum and hall of fame located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The museum documents the history of rock and roll music and the artists, producers, and other notable figures who have influenced it.

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Morrissey: The Man, The Myth. Article written by Simon Halloran (friend and co-host of What a Manoeuvre). Music as therapy Music is therapeutic for some and in the case of a polarising figure like Morrissey, he certainly can provide both a comfort blanket and a middle finger to daily struggles and strife. Born in Lancashire, …

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Tupac: Me Against the World. Article written by friend of the show: Paul McCabe. Tupac Shakur’s Early Life Born 16th June 1971 in Manhattan NYC as Lesane Parish Crooks to his mother Afeni Shakur (born Alice Faye Williams) and his father Billy Garland. Both of his parents were active Black Panther Party members in the …

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Black Metal

A short history of black metal – suicide, blazing churches and murder People that know me will know that music is not a big part of my life anymore, but like (nearly) everyone there was a period where it was a massive part of my life and who I was, who I was friends with …

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