Bad Technology

Bad Technology

  • Self service machines at supermarkets  – pictures of your face but still need to check your old enough for red bull –  the gun at Asda Govan is great though
  • Two-factor authentication
Oven Terms and Conditions
  • Cookies on website warning
  • VR  when calling a company
  • On videos games, trying to play 2 player on some of them is mental
    • turn on controller 
    • chose a profile
    • set up profile with email, names etc
    • accept T&C
    • Validate email
    • assign profile
  • Tesla – can’t drive as car needs a software update 
  • QR codes at Ibrox for pensioners  – charge them extra and give them their own gate – tell my debit card story

Famous Tech Failures

  • Napster
  • Blackberry
  • AOL
  • Palm Pilot
  • Betamax
  • The GM EV-1, available between 1996 and 1999, was a hit with the small number of customers who got to lease one. (They were only leased, not sold, and less than 2,500 were made). But GM ultimately decided that electric vehicles were too niche,
  • Netscape
  • Windows 8
  • MySpace
  • AltaVista
  • Google Glass
  • DreamCast
  • The ROKR E1, released in 2005 in partnership with Motorola, was the first phone pre-packaged with a version of Apple’s iTunes music software
  • Segway – coming up in more depth
  • QR Codes – argue if these have failed as they are everywhere
  • Apple and Samsung may have popularized the smartwatch, but Pebble led the way beforehand
  • The Daily, a News Corp.-backed digital-first newspaper
  • MapQuest was one of the best options around for getting driving directions before you set off on your road trip
  • Nintendo’s Virtual Boy – 1995
  • One of the first Digital Video Recorders, or DVRs, to come to market — and a brand so successful it became a verb — TiVo to this day puts out some of the best set-top boxes on the planet. But the company is on this list because it played nice when it should have dominated. For instance, instead of suing when cable companies rolled out their own DVRs, TiVo waited to see if they could work out a deal, because it was reliant on the TV providers

Famous tech nightmares

Cheaters Compromised

The hack that made 37 million adulterers  instantly feel the blood drain from their faces (and everywhere else, no doubt) took place, when a gang of interweb troublemakers  claimed to have stolen details of those signed up to online  affair-providers, Ashley Madison. This week things got a lot worse leaving a fair few people having to do some serious explaining to their partners. No doubt there was an awful lot of people who’ve had this Terrified look as their facial expression for the past week.

Segway Sorrows

After George W Bush fell from his Segway in 2003, former Mirror editor Piers Morgan ran the headline: “You’d have to be an idiot to fall off, wouldn’t you Mr President?” Three years later, Morgan fell from a Segway breaking three ribs. There’s nothing more you can really say about this, it’s just… perfect.

Have you watched Silicon Valley?

Mars Attacks

In 2003, thousands of unhinged abductees waited with baited breath for definitive proof that Martians existed, but it wasn’t to be. British spacecraft Beagle 2 – a bargain at £22m – launched from the Mars Express mothership and made its descent towards the Red Planet, then lost signal before landing. The official statement, two months of searching later: “We lost it”. Shoot forward to 2015  – 11 years later, a short time in space exploration – and they only bloody found it again, yay! It was broken though, boo…

Sat Nav Stupidity

We couldn’t do a list like this and not include a few classic Sat Nav blunders. Gather round, one and all. In 2009, Robert Jones followed his trusty nav along a narrow, steep road in Yorkshire. He was actually going down a Pennine path, and ended up teetering over the edge of a cliff. He described the incident as “a nightmare”. And then there’s the case of student Paula Ceely, who in 2007 followed her device onto a railway track in Redditch. A train struck her car and carried it 800m down the track. So

Lastly – Fridge spam

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