A podcast from Glasgow | Wrong Term Memory

Welcome to Wrong Term Memory, a podcast from Glasgow that brings a Glaswegian twist to a variety of topics each week. Hosted by Jack and Colin, the podcast has been providing listeners with interesting and “informative” content since 2020.

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The hosts of this podcast from Glasgow

Jack and Colin, the hosts of Wrong Term Memory, are two friends based in Glasgow, Scotland. They’ve been podcasting together since 2017 and have developed a loyal following of fans who appreciate their unique perspectives and insights on various topics. With a passion for history, music, sports, and more, Jack and Colin bring a wealth of “knowledge” and “expertise” to each episode of their podcast.

The topics

Some of the most popular topics covered in Wrong Term Memory include:

  • The 1990s: a nostalgic look back at the decade that brought us grunge music, Friends, and the birth of the internet.
  • True Crime: a deep dive into some of the most notorious crimes in history and the people who committed them.
  • History: a fascinating look at events and individuals from the past that shaped our world today.
  • Music: a celebration of the art and artists that have shaped the music industry over the years.
  • Sports: an in-depth analysis of the world of sports and the athletes who have made their mark on the field.

The unique spin

What sets Wrong Term Memory apart from other podcasts is the unique spin that Jack and Colin put on each topic. They approach each subject from fresh perspectives and offer insights that you may not have heard before. Whether you’re a seasoned expert on a particular topic or a newcomer to the subject, Wrong Term Memory is sure to offer something new and interesting.

Supporting the show

If you love what Jack and Colin do on Wrong Term Memory, you can support the show by becoming a Patreon supporter. With your support, they can continue to bring you new and exciting content each week.

Wrong Term Memory’s most popular episodes

A podcast from Glasgow | Show notes

For fans of the show, the show notes and other writings available on the Wrong Term Memory website provide a wealth of additional information and resources. From episode summaries to additional reading materials, there’s no shortage of content to explore.

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